Heidi Marotz
A studio in the middle of 15 acres of pasture grass allows me the space and silence to ponder the world in its natural state. Perhaps that is why most of my cards celebrate, not the ornate, but instead, the ordinary magic of the everyday world. One morning as I walked in the field, the sun came up and lit each bead of dew on each blade of grass in a shimmering spectacle that eclipsed any jewelry store window I’d ever seen. I realized that each day most of us walk by these sacred gifts without noticing. Chique Lixo is this artist’s attempt to capture and celebrate the often unappreciated but very present “spectacular-ness” of the common things we often see but don’t see.
My newest earth-friendly line of cards, Chique Lixo, are crafted from bits and pieces of junk mail, packaging from food, cosmetics and other disposable products, like bottle caps, metro cards and found objects. Chique Lixo (pronounced shee-kay lee-shoe) are the Portuguese words for “chic garbage.” I believe art should reflect the spirit of the time it is created in – and what better way to recycle and reuse – than to repurpose the kibbles and bits we cast out every day? My daughter Jillian Moroney is a contributor to the artwork & design of this collection. With degrees in Geology and Environmental Studies, she is passionate about creative stewardship of natural resources and plays an integral role in concept development.
Chique Lixo is a company dedicated to celebrating life events – big – small and most importantly – inspired by the desire for unique individuality. Every card has a stand alone look that appeals to a diverse audience. All cards are printed on recycled paper with 100% recycled envelopes. Each design comes in either A6 ( 4¾ x 6½ ) or “mini” (4 x 2¼) and are blank on the inside to feature personal greetings. Each card – A6 or mini, is individually cello wrapped.
Chique Lixo is a distinctive collection, it is created from junk mail, garbage, wrappers, tickets etc. and is embellished with watercolor. Careful attention is given to paper selection and many cards are touched with a bit of “bling” (glitter) – because a little fancy makes everything more special.
Finally, I hope my art resonates with the human experience. Take time everyday to pet a dog, engage in a day dream or two and never forget to embrace the whimsical flights of fancy that define the journey. Creating Chique Lixo has programmed my brain to see everything for its potential rather than its past. (What a great world it would be if we viewed people the same way!) Cheers.
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